Friday, July 8, 2011

just random

i've been procrastinating writing my posts from my two workouts on vacation this past week. i'm not too sure why. probably because i want them to be more than just an "i worked out" post and actually write about something. but time yet again isn't in my favor. so this is all your getting.

i have lots and lots to cover. in due time my friends, in due time, i promise.

until then i'm seeking a prayer/happy thoughts/spirit fingers request for my dad who had his hip replaced yesterday. he's in recovery and is in pain, but getting better. i myself had a small heart attack yesterday as my mother forgot her cell phone and went through the whole day without hearing a single word until about 8pm when one of my aunts called to tell me all went well. i'm flying home in a couple of weeks to visit.


jog/walk 40min


the emily said...

Poor Dad. Ouch. My mom had double knee replacements last November and it was a very hard recovery, but she's doing awesome now.

sarahlove said...

Spirit fingers for your dad!!!

WE NEED UPDATES!!!! lol ;)