Monday, July 18, 2011

a new category

along with me i feel like my blog is always changing. two years ago i used to write about going to the grocery store just to get out of the house on the weekends to talk to the person behind on the register. now my weekends are always fun filled creating new memories with my friends going out doing something new, and now more recently with my relationship with C. so here's a new label i'm adding: weekend rundown.
i feel as though i still have some catching up to do, so here were the happenings from the past two weekends.
saturday 7/9 C and i went to a wedding reception for a co-worker of mine. afterwords we went to a work get together with a bunch of C's co-workers. it was great to meet some people in his "circle" and be included into another part of his life.
@ the wedding reception
on sunday 7/10 we started the day at syrup a fabulous breakfast place in cherry creek north. i highly recommend it! we then headed to the denver museum of nature and science.
spectacular view of downtown denver
i think we are pretty cute!
we specifically went to this museum to check out the pirate exhibit. it was very cool.
C posing with a pirate.
saturday 7/16 C and i ventured down to colorado springs to visit the cheyenne mountain zoo. i had heard splendid things about this zoo, and after living in denver for 9 years i have finally checked it out!
the very first thing you see when you enter this zoo are the giraffe's! get can feed them and touch them. they are right there!
C and his new buddy
we saw:
more bear's
a moose and turkey's
C and i on the tram ride
@ the top with CO springs in the background
colorado springs
after the zoo we walked around old colorado city and manitou springs. both area's have a plaza feel like in santa fe. it was super nice.
i truly enjoy my one on one time with C. things can definitely get overwhelming and we have a busy few months ahead, but getting away doing things just the two of us is an experience in and of itself.
core 30min
elliptical 40min


Sophie Wagner said...

I'm excited for you! I'll live vicariously though you!

Erin said...

VERY cute couple!!! :-)

sarahlove said...

A moose with turkeys?! LOL That's funny! He looks annoyed that he doesn't have his own space. Poor guy!

Nikki said...

Awesome!!! That does look splendid. You look so pretty!