Thursday, July 14, 2011


Things in my life are changing. They have been changing for awhile now. Over the past two years I’ve changed emotionally, mentally, physically. I’ve gotten new friends, my job duties have changed countless times, I’ve changed my hair, I’ve changed how it is that I live my life. My whole atmosphere has changed. Besides my house, my car, and my two cats just about all other aspects of my life have changed. More recently I’m shifting my priorities. My focus is no longer solely on the gym and working out, although granted it isn’t far behind on my list of priorities, this is just…Life. It is such a crazy thing how life brings such changes over time. Of course there is a huge difference when you are the one to progress those changes, compared to the unexpected changes that you aren’t prepared for. I have often hoped that the natural progression of my life and the changes I’ve done over the past couple of years would lead me to what it is that I now have. How it seems that I have everything that I have ever wanted. Now of course, I am being a bit dramatic, but that’s just part of who I am. And no, I don’t truly have everything I have ever wanted, but I do feel that a big stepping stone has been fulfilled for me to be perfectly content.

My main focus right now is a new relationship. Building and growing, getting to know. Not only him, but me. Slowly allowing myself to be this person, because truly this person is so foreign. The last time I was this person was 5 and half years ago. Getting to know the April that is involved in a relationship. Being part of a “couple”. Having thoughts of us occupy my time, trying not to get ahead of myself. Enjoying the experience of sharing myself and someone sharing himself with me. I have to say that it is great, and weird, and the power to be truly life changing.

This truly does seem to be the natural progression of where my life was taking me. Of course, I say this now because this is where I wanted it to go. Did I doubt that it wouldn't happen? Absolutely. Just because you want something doesn't mean you are going to get it. All of it is so surprising and I'm soaking it in. Truly appreciating the new joy and happiness that has entered my life so suddenly...but then at the same time I feel like it couldn't have gotten here a helluva a lot sooner!!!

Yes, things are shifting, things are changing, and this fabulous person is getting some time of mine that would have normally been spent at the gym. And right now, I'm ok with that.
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Sarahlove said...

You're sharing the best thing you could ever give which is you. Your love.

So incredibly proud of you April. You have no idea how much I'm smiling right now.

Rachel said...

LOVE this post!!!

Nikki said...


the emily said...

so sweet.