Sunday, July 31, 2011

the dad, ABQ, & misc.

i have a goal this week. to get all caught up! AND to work out at least four times. i had a talk with Chris recently letting him know it was important to me to get in a "normal" workout week. because really i haven't had a "normal" week since Chris entered into my life, and he knows the importance behind my workout schedule. now granted, a normal week is actually five workouts, and i will try for that, but my personal goal is four. i let Chris know that once we have this normal week behind us, we can see how it effects "us" and adjust accordingly. so we'll see.
now more catch up talk.
two weeks ago Chris' dad was in town for a week to spend time with his son and time on the golf course. i met up with them a handful of times and i was nervous. going to meet the dad, is a big deal. and of course i was late for our first greeting. i felt horrible, and should have planned better for driving downtown on a sunday.
after the initial hello, i realized that i get along much better with mom's than i do dad's, just because of my own personal relationship. but getting to know his dad was easy. Chris and his dad are a lot a like. very funny, sarcastic, and witty. needless to say Chris' dad is the opposite of my dad. he talked with me, and showed me his warm personality, which helped me to open up.
Chris and his dad, Marty ~ Rockies game 7/20/11

the week was great. i got to see Chris while getting to know his dad, and see their son and father relationship. during our final good-bye Marty invited me to visit Nebraska whenever i wanted.


last weekend i was in Albuquerque to visit my dad who is currently recovering from having his left hip replaced. the visit was short, i flew in friday morning and left sunday morning. overall the visit was good. i got to visit with my parents and see a couple of friends including my cousin Kari.
my return last sunday was full of surprises, which i will treasure for the rest of my life. i honestly can't decide what i want to share on my blog, if anything at all. so for now i'll leave it at that.


this past week as been a great one. i've spent lots of time with Chris and we've made some big decisions, and a close friend of mine had a baby. so very busy, and emotional. all of it very very good. more to come...
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the emily said...

I think you should post about it because I want PICTURES. :) Meeting the parents! Big step, but also pretty fun. I love seeing how they look like their dads, or have their mom's smile, that kind of thing. It's fun to see where they come from I think.

Sarahlove said...

Wishing your dad a quick recovery.

Meeting the family is always so nerve racking!!! They will all adore you so relax a little! ;)

Share, share, share!!!! We want pictures and stories!!! Lol