Sunday, July 17, 2011

~something i love~

their are so many things i love about being on the current journey that i'm on. i've lived in my house for five plus years and i'm pretty sure the last time i enjoyed my backyard patio was probably some time in 2007 with my parents.
a few weeks ago C suggested we have dinner outside. i thought it was a great idea, and loved that i was able to enjoy a meal outside with him. since then we've had a few more meals out there, and it's great. their is no noise besides our conversation and all the time in the world to relax and enjoy our meals.
i love sitting back and drinking a glass of wine and just being. and just being with him. it is so relaxing and having C there makes the experience that much better, because truth be told if C wasn't in my life, my patio would still be vacant.
50/50 60min


Rachel said...

I love that you are enjoying your patio so much these days! I love sitting on my patio, especially early in the morning, when I'm the only one awake. :-)

Nikki said...

Awesome, and I love the plastic Lobos cup in the background.