Thursday, December 17, 2009

all kinds of crazy

i'm pretty sure i should have asked first.
but this is my version of Emily's:
random thought thursday.
Thanks dude.
my mom had fresh cilantro,
for the first time.
last friday.
in las cruces, nm.


i love cheese.


things at work have been crazy.
it's all down hill from here.
until 1/4/10.


i really want a
new entertainment center.




i freak out a little bit every time
i go up an escalator.


i got new pictures of Katherine
i'm pretty sure she is the most
beautiful little girl ever.


shh it's secret, but twice last week
i went 100mph.
don't tell anyone.


the countdown has
officially begun.



the emily said...

What happens on January 4?

No cilantro for her WHOLE LIFE? That's insane! She's really been missing out.

Nikki said...

has she really never had cilantro? That's really interesting. Did she like it?

Katherine is super beautiful, seriously.

You went 100 MPH, holy stinky cow, April!

escalators freak me out too, ever since I heard a freak accident story about an escalator.

April said...

Emily - everyone comes back to work on 1/4.

Nikki - she loved the cilantro. ...she's probably had it before. but that was the first time she had it plain(fresh).

the 100mph was prompted by my mom. while driving to white sands last friday she said "lets see how fast we can go!" i did.

Wonderer said...

Oh, I am so glad you copied Emily's random thoughts - those are great! :-)

I love cheese. Cheddar, especially. The sharper the better.


And, to keep up with the randomness, here's my response to your question about gift bag vs. wrapping paper. My initial thought was wrapping paper. a gift bag + tissue paper stacked next to wrapping paper, there's more bag + tissue. But then I said "duh!" because the giftbags can be reused. But that's the key. CAN be reused. If I'm sending a gift to my curmudgeon of an uncle, who will never go buy someone a gift (and get a chance to reuse the bag), I'd opt for wrapping paper. But my cool aunt who gives gifts for no reason - she'd totally get her gift in a bag (and my cool aunt isn't cool just cause she gives gifts, btw!). So, also, for gift bags, I'd opt for getting a plain-ish/non-holiday bag for most occasions, and adorn the bag with a cute gift tag or something.... it takes someone far greener than me to reuse a baby shower gift bag for my cousin's barmitzvah! ;-)