Friday, December 4, 2009

~something I love~

these rings
i love red envelope. always full of fabulous pretty gift ideas. before i worked for qwest i was an assistant manager at the fine jewelry counter at Foley's (what is now Macy's). working there created my love for different kinds of jewelry. i really love different things, and the above pieces i think are so pretty.


Rachel P said...

I LOVE that necklace! I just added it to my Amazon wishlist! Thanks, April.

the emily said...

pretty! i got the red envelope catalog just a few days ago, fun to look through.

i went to foleys once in albuquerque and they asked me if i was the owner when they saw my credit card. no joke.

Wonderer said...

that ring so looks like you, I think. :-)

Emily - that's too funny, did you play along and say that you were the owner?

Nikki said...

I like that jewelry, it looks fun! I am all for fun jewelry, and I think you have nice taste, April.

That's a funny story Emily - ha.

the emily said...

I did! I said "Yes, does that mean I get this for free?" and the poor girl looked all worried. I told her I was kidding and paid and left, a little embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, April . . . you have awesome taste.

Love Mom