Monday, December 28, 2009

~something I love~ flashback edition

this blue dress. i got this dress back in high school, specifically for homecoming my junior year, which was the fall of 1996. i went on a double date with my friend angela. the second time i wore it was on a cruise in june 1998, pictured in the middle with my friend sarah. the third time was also on a cruise in january 2005. i didn't have the picture to scan but the last time i wore this dress was in october 2005 at a work event called Bravo!
needless to say out of all of my high school dance dresses this one has gotten the most wear. i love the color and the way it makes me feel. it fits perfectly and for me is very flattering.


Anonymous said...

Muy Bonita! ~ b

the emily said...

LOVE that color blue, especially with your hair.

reflections said...

oh how I loved my dress. We had so much fun that day! GORGEOUSO!

Anonymous said...

I think I still have it in my closet, dont I? LOL It is a LOVELY dress!