Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas past

below are some pictures of past Christmas'. enjoy!
Upper left: my cousin Nikki and I ~ Christmas 1993
Upper right: this is the first and only professional picture our entire family has taken.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right ~ Christmas 1990
Uncle Jeff, Aunt Patti
Uncle John, Aunt Margaret
Dad, Cousin Charlene
Mom, Me
Uncle Fred (R.I.P.), Grandpa Egan (R.I.P.)
Aunt Kathleen, Aunt Deanna, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Billy, Cousin Kari holding Cousin Kyle
(above Kari) Cousin Greg, Cousin Nikki
Cousin Cheryl, Cousin Brad
Middle left: me, Cheryl, Nikki ~ Christmas 1998
Middle right: Nikki, me, Uncle John, Kari, Greg, Larry holding 2month old Riley
Charlene, Kyle, mom, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Deanna, Mark (R.I.P.)
Aunt Patti, Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Fred (R.I.P.), Aunt Margaret, Uncle Billy
Uncle Jeff, Gary, Dad with Lady (R.I.P) in his lap. ~ Christmas 1996
Bottom: Nikki, Kari, me, Greg, Charlene ~ Christmas 2000

I'm relieved to report that I am not going to the gym tomorrow. From my family to you and yours I hope you have a
Very Blessed and Merry Christmas!!!


the emily said...

I hope the same for you, April!

Anonymous said...

It has been fun to see your old pics... Christmas with the family is alway great! ;) ~ Brisa

Anonymous said...

May you have a wonderful work out.

Love and Miss You