Wednesday, December 23, 2009

school days

time to go back to middle school and high school.
Top left: my parents and I, May 1998 at my high school graduation
Top right: me, my cousin Charlene, and my cousin Greg. Charlene is my cousin who lives in Rhode Island who flew out to surprise Greg and I for our big days!
Lower left: Sarah, me, and Michelle after our graduation ceremony. Seniors '98!!!
Lower right: so back in the day i used to play a lot of radio contests. this was probably my biggest win. tickets to go see the Goo Goo Dolls, plus meet and great passes! This is me and my cousin Nikki before the show!, November 1999.
Top left: my very loyal blogger friend Emily, May 1993. I don't remember what the "my little mermaid" theme was for, what I do know is that Emily looks super cute posing next to it!
Top middle: michelle and i getting ready to go to our 8th grade dance May 24, 1994
Top right: michelle and i in Red River, NM August 1995
Bottom left: michelle and i getting ready to go to Winter Ball February 3, 1996
Bottom middle: the group i went to London with, this is at Windsor Castle March 1997
(top): some girl Allan was flirting with, Allan(R.I.P.), Erin, Mrs. Stein, Anthony, me
(bottom): Kathleen, Andy
Bottom right: Winter Ball 1998 me, Sarah, and Michelle


Wonderer said...

it is so much fun looking at these pictures! thank you so much for sharing!

the emily said...

Oh my, I am a SUPER nerd. Wonder what that little mermaid deal was? Those pictures are F-U-N, especially the 8th grade dance ones! I have some pictures from that dance of you and Corey and Michelle. You're so lucky to have gone to London, how neat!