Tuesday, December 22, 2009

back in the day

here are some super cute baby pictures of myself. i have to say i was one cute baby. i wanted to highlight my grandpa egan. i was very close to him growing up, he was so much fun to be around. he lived in Santa Fe and my mom and i would spend one weekend a month with him. he passed away when i was 11. but i'm happy to report that our relationship today is still very tight, and that we keep in touch quite frequently. ...he's very proud of me.

you can't really tell, but that first picture to the left is his caption of the photo to the right. like me, my grandpa egan documented things very well. plus he has the coolest handwriting ever.
All of the details below are what my grandpa egan personally wrote on the back of the above pictures, except for the last one.
Top row: "8/2/1980 Dad (Bill Egan), April, Mom"
my grandpa egan, me, and my great grandma egan, 6mos.
Middle left: "Dad and April May 1981"
my grandpa egan, and i, 16mos.
Middle right: "4/19/80 Grandpa Egan feeding April at Barbara & Meliton's"
my grandpa egan, and i, 3 mos.
Lower left: "6/25/81 Santa Clara Canyon, NM camping trip. Meliton, April, Barbara"
my parents and i, 5 mos.
Lower right: "Beginning Oct. 1980 8 1/2mos" (my Mom's caption)


the emily said...

I LOVE the one where he's grabbing your foot while you're crawling away! SO COOL. You ARE super cute.

Wonderer said...

what a cutie! these pictures are treasures, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am so very touched, very touched.

Love and miss you,