Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Southern Belle

So this Labor Day weekend I was a southern belle. Ok, so not really, but I was "down South". I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my friend Brisa and her brand new family. Her daughter Ilianna is 2 and a half months old and so cute. The first night I got to bond with Ilianna while her parents enjoyed a preseason football game. The trip was a lot of fun, and much needed.
the city
hanging out being cute
Our first full day Brisa, Ilianna, and I walked around the Botanic Gardens at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus. It was beautiful.
Brisa and I

Pretty flowers

That night we went to a local strip mall that had a band playing. We set out some lawn chairs and enjoyed the summer air.
Cute family: Brisa, Richard, and Ilianna
The next day we walked around Freedom Park. It was beautiful, and enjoyable. There were so many cute kids running around and playing.
All smiles and giggles!
Brisa and I had our own ladies night with a night out in Charlotte. We went downtown (which the locals call 'uptown') and ate at a "soul food" diner. I had salmon cakes! Yum. Afterwords we went to a wine bar for some drinks and dessert.
Brisa & I
The three ladies!
The trip was very low key and fabulous. Brisa and I got to catch up and just talk about life and events. The weather was absolutely perfect. No humidity and no rain. Just great company and conversation!


Wonderer said...

Looks like you had a great time! And Illiana is adorable. Motherhood looks good on Brisa, I think. :-)

the emily said...

So fun! Brisa looks so good! I love that you're a traveler and do fun things like this so I can live through you. It really looks like a great trip. And what a sweet baby!

Nikki said...

AWESOME! I am glad you had a nice visit. I am sure you needed a little break from work. Brisa's daughter is sooo beautiful! You look fabulous by the way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ilianna is a cute baby with lots of hair!
Just really love your pictures. You are looking awesome!