Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Places I've Been: AZ

My first time to Arizona was to the Grand Canyon back in my Elementary School days. I think I was probably in 3rd or 4th grade. I have this picture of me in blue stripped short overalls with one of buckles undone sitting on an edge of the Grand Canyon striking a pose! ...very 80's! It was one of the few family vacations I took as a little girl. I still remember the views, the amazing breath taking views.
My second time to Arizona was to Flagstaff in High School, summer of '96 I believe. I went there with the school drill team for a week long camp. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed dancing with all of my cheer friends, and flirting with the one guy instructor at the camp. ...everyone had a crush on him. I remember it being very very hot, and bonding with all of the girls. During this trip we also made a stop at the Grand Canyon.


the emily said...

I've been to AZ more times than I can count. I think it's very pretty but I'm always glad I don't live there (except in the winter).

Wonderer said...

I have never been to the Grand Canyon (or anywhere in AZ except driving through once!) - I want to go.

Nikki said...

I think i know exactly what picture you are talking about. Or atleast the overalls. You were (and are) always very fashionable.