Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the host

Book Review
the host by Stephenie Meyer

I didn't really like this book. i was hoping for a twilight like experience, but this book definitely doesn't have the same appeal. i know a lot of people that told themselves before reading the twilight saga "i won't like this book, i'm not into vampires etc..." Well i was definitely one of those people. then i got on the band wagon, and i am now a huge fan of the twilight saga! (can't wait until 11.20.09!) i first read information on the host at Stephenie Meyer's website. it said it was an adult science fiction. the "adult" appealed to me, but the "science" did not. but i gave it a shot, thinking the host would grab me just as quickly as twilight did. not so much. i didn't really get into the host until about 100 pages is (the book is 600+ pages). on top of that, the book is confusing. Stephenie has an amazing imagination and the things she thinks of in this book is amazing. And i feel bad because i feel like she pictures exactly what's going on in this book perfectly in her head but for me it just didn't transfer onto paper.
The book is about multiple planets taking over earth. The aliens of these planets are "souls". These souls take over human bodies. One soul called Wanderer takes over Melanie's body. Inside of this body, Melanie is still very much alive, but it is Wanderer who has control of her body. Melanie fills Wanderer's head with all of her human memories and emotions. Including love. Melanie coaxes Wanderer to the middle of Arizona where Melanie has her last memories of her love Jared. Upon her arrival in AZ she learns of a whole human clan hidden deep in caves. She eventually becomes accepted by these enemies, and "Wanda" finds herself having feelings for Ian. ...While Melanie still yearns for Jared. And so we have the classic impossible love triangle that Stephenie likes to create. the book for me did carry on a bit, and the ending was horrible. unfortunately i think Meyer needs to stick with Bella and Edward.


the emily said...

Ugh. I HATED this book. By the end I was like, "I GET IT! THEY LIVED IN DARK CAVES! THEY TWISTED AND TURNED AND COULDN'T SEE! I GET IT STEPH!" It made me insane how she described the caves for pages, and then kept on describing them anytime they went anywhere. It was agonizing. I keep meeting people who love it but I'm so glad you didn't. I just hated it.

April said...

really? everyone i talked to feels the same way as i did. i have yet to find someone who really liked it.

Nikki said...

hmph, it is on my fall reading list...I've heard the same thing from others who have read it. Should I give it a try....?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review.

I won't read it!