Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~something I love~


I don't really consider myself a girlie girl. But I love shoes. I often question it? I think when I walk through a department store or go into any shoe store I often can't help but look, and find at least 1 pair (usually 5) that I think, "I can't live without these." I wonder why that is? I recently became more interested in "business" type shoes when I got my new job last year. I can't really where high heals, but stacked short heals, I can do. I also really like casual shoes. Specifically Nike's and Puma's. Thankfully with my workout schedule I have reason for a good pair of workout shoes.
Last weekend I went to the mall for Clinique's gift with purchase, and I walked through Dillard's and fell in love with the pairs above. I immediately thought these would be perfect to work. Needless to say, I had strong will power (no money) and didn't try them on and didn't buy them. So I figure, what's the next best thing? Blog about them.

I love shoes.


the emily said...

me too! way to hold out. dillard's shoes always go on sale.

Nikki said...

you are so funny. I like those shoes too. I'll have to go on Zappo's to see if they have any for sale.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are not the only one with the affliction of shoe attraction.
I'm sure there is some reasoning but am clueless.

Always love your taste!!!

Love Mom

Rachel P said...

I totally hear ya on that one! I own probably 100-120 pairs of shoes. It's actually quite ridiculous considering I'm at home most of the time. Oh well! I LOVE the Sandee shoes, so cute! I'll have to check them out, now.

fotobug said...

Th Bettie shoes are too cute!! I think I may need them....