Monday, September 14, 2009

my guilty pleasure


I have yet to watch the entire Video Music Awards, but tonight I did watch the first 30 minutes, that were uninterrupted.
Let me first say that I've been watching Mtv since I was young. Probably middle school, when my parents first got cable. My parents never really watched what I watched on TV and Mtv was soon on my dial all the time. I remember every Friday Daisy Fuentes did the top 20 videos of the week. That was the official kick off to my weekend. It was a full 60 minutes of videos.
Moving on, that opening number literally put me to tears. Granted Madonna didn't write what she said, but what she said was so powerful. She put Michael Jackson's life into many well put words.
Then the dancing. Oh dear, the dancing. It is no secret that I love dancing. But those dancers, dancing with MJ in the background. Wow.
Then Janet Jackson. I love Janet Jackson. She was my first concert. And to this day I love her. If I could dance with anyone, it would be her.
When "Scream" first came out, I watched the video over and over. The part at the end where they dance together, I taught myself that exact sequence. When she came out and did just that with Michael on the big screen, I cried. Tears rolling down my face. To me it was beautiful.


Nikki said...

Awe, that sounds like it was a very touching moment. I didn't see the VMA's but I heard about it.

the emily said...

I didn't see that part of it. neat.

Anonymous said...

Awesome memories and yes beautiful.

I'm sorry that I missed it, hope you recorded it.