Wednesday, September 23, 2009

stop signs

I do believe back about 13/14 years ago when I took driver's education, that the rule when it came to Stop signs was who ever stops first, gets to go first. Is that right? Because I'm having doubts. I'm pretty sure that's the rule when it comes to 4 way stops. But what about 2 way stops. Let me tell you what happened today, ...hopefully this will make sense.

Leaving the park in ride (where I get the bus) there is a 2 way stop. There is a stop sign North and South. The only traffic coming from the East are the buses, traffic coming from the West is the way in/out of the parking lot. Today I arrived at the South stop sign first, then someone arrived at the North stop sign, while a bus was heading West to leave the parking lot. We waited for the bus to go through, then I did my left turn. I figure I had the right of way because I was there first. Is that right? Because at that point the car at the North stop sign (who is turning Right, heading West, the same way as me) throws his hands in the air, like he had the right of way. Then I find myself saying out loud "i was there first, i go first." and while i'm driving home, i'm thinking about it. did he have the right of way because he was turning Right, and I was turning Left? before long i was seriously doubting myself.

but then i thought there can't be different rules for Stop signs and the ways people are turning. that regardless it is always who gets there first, gets to drive off first. right? i am right, right? please someone back me up!!! if i'm wrong, please tell me that too.


the emily said...

If you're there first, you go first. Unless it's a four-way stop, then it goes in a circle, and you always defer to the person at your right, and then go in a counter-clockwise circle.

fotobug said...

I second what Emily said! :o)

Anonymous said...

Per the DMV:

At a junction where two or more traffic directions are controlled by stop signs, generally the driver who arrives and stops first continues first. If two or three drivers in different directions stop simultaneously at a junction controlled by stop signs, generally the drivers on the left must yield the right-of-way to the driver on the far right.

Anonymous said...

Yes, right-of-way to the right.