Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Places I've Been: TX

nikki and i on the Texas A&M campus in College Station, TX
the Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX
College Station and Austin, Texas

I traveled to Texas in April 2009 to visit my cousin Nikki and her husband Dan. At the time they were living in College Station attending and working at Texas A&M University. Prior to this trip I had never really been to Texas before. (in 2005 I flew into Houston to travel to Galveston, to catch a cruise ship.)
I spent two days in College Station and two days in Austin. I had a great time. What I remember fondly about this trip are my times and quality chats with Nikki. I remember Nikki taking me on a long fun windy tour of the A&M campus. I remember this because it was shortly before this trip that my left knee started to hurt from the beginning of my workout journey. (both of my knee's hurt now everyday.)
Nikki and I often talk about our love of just hanging out and talking. This trip was full of all that, all in between some fabulous food, shopping, taking a tour of the Texas State Capital, fresh strawberry shortcake, and lots of fun in general. Oh and of course some Texas bluebells!
Thinking about this trip I can't help but remember my life from two years ago. I have more to share from the changes that my life has made over the last two years, but right now I want to focus on my relationship with Nikki.
She truly wants the best, and cares for me. She recognizes that the work that I have done has put years on my life, so that we can be friends and cousins for many many years to come. She is someone that I can just talk to about this healthiness journey, because she lives it. She runs, and hikes, and eats healthy. She gives me something to strive for, which is priceless! Love you Nikki!
Can't wait for more memories.
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Nikki said...

Yes, indeedee. I remember that trip like it was yesterday. We had such a great time visiting with you. Thanks for your kind words. I will never forget your Howdy moment either ;).

Love you too!

Mal. said...

Have you looked in to a fish oil or Glucosamine supliment for your knees? with you doing so well it may be worth looking into.