Sunday, March 13, 2011

another round of babies

It seems as though every few years or so, a new round of my friends have babies. Well this year seems to be that year. Last year I had 2 friends have babies, this year (as of right now) I know seven ladies that are pregnant. All but one are boys. I also know of two bloggers (women I don't know but stalk their blog) that are also pregnant with boys.
My friend Milena will be welcoming her little boy sometime in mid-April, and today was her baby shower.

Milena, I, and baby boy
a cupcake cake! you bet i had one!
The miracle of life. Such a simple statement, but yet so complex. If you truly think about that sentence and the meaning, I can't help but get a little bit teared eyed. It truly is a beautiful thing.
50/50 60min

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sarahlove said...

Do you ever feel pressured to have kids? Almost everyone I know has children. I am so happy with Pearl! But seriously, sometimes I know we are missing out big time.