Tuesday, March 22, 2011

knock knock

another first happened tonight...well i'm pretty sure i've never done this before. tonight i did two classes back to back. a full 120 minutes of gym time!
barbell strength...

...and Step!

I’ve been going to the gym consistently for 2 and a half years now. I’ve seen people do two classes back to back before. And there have been times I’ve thought about doing something so crazy. Well today I was that crazy. I did Barbell Strength and Step.

Barbell is my main Tuesday workout. I mainly did this because Step had Stacie as the instructor. Stacie was filling in, and I love Stacie. She’s an awesome instructor. I’m not a big fan of Step, but she makes if fun. She has something in her voice that just keeps pushing you. After barbell I feel like a pile of jello. My legs feel like they are going to give out under me, and it’s as though I can’t even lift my arms. But when opportunity knocks you gotta take it, right?! I’m a hella tired, and I hope to sleep good tonight, as I didn’t sleep too hot last night.

I was super slow in step, but I did it.

An hour of weights and an hour of cardio.

Here’s to my first ever 2 hour workout.

Good thing tomorrow is my day off!!!

* * *

I wrote the above before I left work. (i do that sometime, write my blog posts at work ahead of time so i'm not on the computer for forever when i get home.) And to be honest while I was driving to the gym for barbell at 5:30pm, I had myself convinced that I would just do barbell and leave. That I wanted that extra hour to myself, cook dinner, relax. Being at the gym from 5:30pm - 7:30pm was just a lot. I also kept going back and forth. I told myself I'll wait and see how I feel after barbell. Plus I put this declaration out there on Facebook. I didn't want to let down my friends who were (are) encouraging me. Then I thought about my blog. I knew I already had part of today's blog written, but that the writing was based on the fact that I do both classes. And if I didn't do both classes I would have to come up with a post from scratch. Christina was in barbell and she too was also planning on staying for step. Plus I knew both Denise and Annabelle would be doing step. Once barbell was over and I connected with my friends, I knew immediately that I wasn't going anywhere. Having them there pushing me even though they didn't have to say a word to me to convince me to stay, was such motivation for me to stay. There presence was all I needed! Because I knew that if they hadn't been there, I would have bailed!

Stacie's step was a blast, and the hour went by super fast. I definitely slowed down, and at times just had to step in place, but I kept moving the whole time. Annabelle is the master stepper and she kept up the whole time. Denise, Christina, and myself, um not so much. The three of us just had our own little "mess up" party in the corner a few times.

Now that I am home and giving my body a rest, I can tell that my joints and muscles are recuperating from something they have never done before...a 2 hour workout! It is so amazing that when you do something different, how your body reacts. Tomorrow I will be hurting, but it'll be a good, a really good hurt!

barbell strength 60min

step 60min


chris.maynes said...

I saw your post earlier that you were going to do both classes, so I peaked in before and after kick boxing class and there you were kicking ass in both classes! Awesome job! I have actually done back to back classes several times and it is no easy task! You are Amazing girl!

sarahlove said...

So now I will have to keep up with two hour workouts?? Great!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

We love you and your inspiration, yes you are Amazing!!!

Hope you slept like a baby and hope you do tonight as well.

Lots of love, hugs, kisses, boy I miss you, and Prayers, MOM