Tuesday, March 1, 2011

just curious ~ a giveaway!!!

I am going to start the new month off right!
In tribute to all of my readers, and finding out who all of you are?!?!

I have a little bit of a hunch that my blog has quiet the following. But I don’t know how big and I'm super curious about who all is out there reading my blog! I’ve thought about throwing a giveaway for awhile now, just for the sole purpose of finding out who reads my blog! That is exactly what I’m going to do! I’m super curious to know who reads my blog or rather “stalks” my blog.

When I thought about what I would actually give away, I stumbled, because I didn’t want it to be just some boring giveaway. Then I had a thought “I should give away items that I love, and have helped me along in my weight loss journey.” I seriously wouldn’t be able to go without these items. So if you win, here is what you will get!

  • A Camelbak water bottle! I had never even heard of this wonderful product until I met my friend Michelle in Chicago in October 2008. That Winter I immediately got 2. One for work, and one for home. I love this water bottle, and use them every single day.
  • A Jillian Michaels workout DVD! I got the 30 Day Shred DVD as a backup to use on cold snowy Colorado days that prevent me from driving to the gym. This is one hard workout!
  • Extra Long Lasting Gum! This is a trick I got from watching the Biggest Loser. I'm not a big gum chewer, but just about every afternoon, when I get that sweet tooth, I go for a piece of gum. It seems to do just the trick!
  • The Body for Life Cookbook! I of course don’t follow the Body for Life diet, but I love this cookbook. Lots of tasty recipe’s, including one of my favorites: Taco Pasta!
  • A $30 Target Gift Card! Who doesn’t love Target?!


  • A $10 donation to Susan G. Komen, and Race for the Cure! I am a huge supporter of this group, and will make a donation in your name when I sign up for this year’s race which is taking place in Denver on Sunday October 2nd!

The total price value for this fabulous giveaway is over $100!!!

So what do you need to do in order to win all of these fabulous prizes?! Simple. Leave me a comment.

If you remember, tell me how it is that you found my blog. Or how you know me.

the fine print...

You have until Monday March 7th at 10pm MT to enter. The winner will be announced on Tuesday March 8th.

One comment per person.

U.S. Residences only ages 18 or older.

For those of you that link to my blog via Facebook, please leave a comment through the blog, NOT through Facebook. Facebook comments will not be considered as an entry.

If you don’t have a Blogger account, no worries. Click the “Anonymous” radio button and leave your comment that way, and make sure to leave an email address.

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Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog ever since I read your posting on being "UNCOMFORTABLE." I related to that blog so much. It took me a while to participate in a group fitness class and am so thankful that my first field trip into one was taught by Sarah. AND thanks to that same AMAZING PINK person, our friendship has blossomed. I don't want a prize nor to be in the drawing. Just letting you know I enjoy reading your blogs :) tmf

Anonymous said...

Hello! Well I read your blogs all the time! Can't ever wait for the next one! You are very good at writing and you are very inspiring!!!! I do have a blogger account but usually link up to you through Facebook! Great Job! Sara Keim

chris.maynes said...

You know I read your blog because I told you I do. Anyway keep up the Great work and I dont want in on giveaway just keep writing! Love reading your blogs!

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog after we met at the gym and had several mutual friends. Your blog is very inspiring to me as we have some of the same struggles. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping me stay on track. Your blog helps me hold myself accountable. Also, I'm glad you aren't afraid to try new things (TC).

Anonymous said...

Hi, April! I've loved hearing about your weight loss journey since we starting working together. You help keep me on track and focused with my fitness routine!!!

Jimmy said...

I am inspired by you and I've commented on your blog saying as much.

I know Emily (something) and one day clicked on all her links and found you. I started reading about you before you started your weight loss journey. Remember thinking you sounded like a really kind person that was feeling lonely.

So many things have changed for you since then. It's not just the change in weight I've noticed. I've enjoyed seeing your progress. (If I win get my email address from Emily.)

Sharon Johnson said...

I'm a Newbie! Just discovered you through Something blog (Emily). If she likes you then you have to be fabulous!

April Bateman said...

I do! I do! ....but you already knew that. Thanks for your honest and candid posts and enduring weekly a$& whoopings with me at the gym!

Ashley said...

I just recently found your blog through google blogsearch.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

the emily said...

Dude, I've known you since kindergarten and at least TWO of your commenters came through me, which means I DESERVE this. Heh heh. Love you.

Mona Rodriguez said...

APRILMADRID!!! I want a prize! =) PS...tried Zumba last night & thought of you... It was great!

sarahlove said...

I know that your blog is surrounded by talk of weight loss. When I read your words, I find that all along that's just the surface of it all. For me, I see something that goes much deeper. You are a thinker April. When you share your life with people, I see that you are making yourself accountable for YOUR LIFE and can clearly see that (even though you don't always know your paths choice) you live with intention. If you say your going to do something, you do.

One of my favorite things to do is exercise. (Yes, I am one of those endorphin craving people.) And now that I can't- I want you to know that many days I peek at your blog just to read the little numbers at the bottom of your posts for your workout. Simply said: My workouts are lived through you.

We were reunited from MySpace. At least that silly site was good for something! I am so glad we were 'hooked up' that way.

tcortc said...

Hey girl. I get ur blog on my driodX phone everyday. I met u at Q back in the day. I love reading abt ya bc i'm not in town like I used to be. Keep going girl. U mk me feel close through ur blogging even when we haven't talked. Well we should get together soon. Baby girl coming April 11. Love ya... TC Clark :)

Erin said...

April, you are such a big inspiration to me! You have accomplished what so few have been able to do, and it gives the rest of us the hope we need to succeed alongside you!

Anonymous said...

Hi April! I read your blog...maybe not every entry, but I definitely try to catch it whenever I can! (Just wanted to let you know that since your were curious and I am totally fine if you disqualify me for not reading the entire blog.) I want you to know that I think what you have been able to accomplish for yourself is AMAZING! Keep up the hard work. Everything you've done for yourself is paying off, but you've always been a beautiful person.

Kelli M.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad we became friends on FB. Even though I don't see you much anymore I feel with your blog we can stay connected. I haven't missed one yet. Seeing and hearing you transform your mind, body and spirit have given me much inspiration. I hope to do the same for my body as well. Maybe with your help I can. Perhaps when you reach your current goal you will come in for a facial and if not, that is ok, I will catch up with you on your blog. Way to go April, you ROCK!
Erin :)

Rachel P said...

I met you in high school, I think in Drama class. Who knows, I could be wrong because I no longer have a brain! You are such an awesome inspiration, April!!! Oh yeah, and please pick me. I never win anything! ;-)

Dawn said...

Hey April. I got to your blog from Emily's blog. I love the fact that you were brave enough to move away from Alb. You are an amazing person and I admire the fact that you have stuck with your goals. I follow your blog thru google reader, so I never miss a post. :)


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! I love your blog!
~ b

p.s. freshman summer school p.e.! good times.

Rachel said...

High school's where we met - I remember going to dances together, and feel like we've reconnected thanks to fb and blogger. :-) I read your blog often, but not as regularly as I'd like these days.

That cookbook looks awesome. Well everything does, but cookbooks are my weakness. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed following your blog and seeing your great success! Hard work pays off. Thank you for welcoming me to Colorado and helping me miss home less : ) I'm glad to get the opportunity to get to know you better


Liz said...

I believe I found you from a link on another blog, but I can't remember right now! Thanks for the giveaway!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com