Sunday, March 20, 2011

good on paper vs. a feeling

i like to think that this world of dating that i have going on currently is just me making up for my lack of dating in my early 20's. it's fun, but frustrating.
case in point, just when i say that both M and R are out of the picture, they magically reappear. i saw them both this past weekend, and i have lots of friends wondering why in the world i even bother with R. and seeing both guys the last couple of days i came to a few realizations.
M is a hard guy to get to know. i've let him know this and he agrees. the fact that he is such a hard guy to get to know, i'm really not 100% comfortable around him. whenever we hang out a good amount of time as to go by before we start to feel comfortable. and establishing that each and every time we hang out, it is just a lot. and in my opinion something that should have been there by now. but he also has these really good qualities. he has a good job, he loves what he does, is passionate about it and is great at it. he has goals for what he wants to do. plus he has these moments where he makes me feel great. like asking me to be his valentine and letting me know he things that i'm awesome. since re-connecting at the beginning of february he's been very consistent with texting me, and the times we actually see one another.
R is the opposite. i can sit and talk with R all day long. we can talk about everything and nothing. i'm very comfortable around him. cuddling with him, hugging him. i feel like i truly know R's personality and there are lots of things that i like. just as much as i talk, he'll talk as well. we communicate. i like R. he doesn't have a good job, isn't really all that consistent the past couple months with the texts or seeing me, but i just can't seem to let him go. he too has these moments where he makes me feel great. with letting me know he's attracted to me, and that he thinks about me and misses me.
i don't see something serious with either one of these guys, but i do like the attention i'm getting, and just enjoying having fun!
50/50 60min


Nikki said...

Sometimes it takes a while to really know someone. It is good that you are taking the time to get to know these guys and what you like (and don't like) about them. Love you!

sarahlove said...

You're not settling for just anyone. That's the way to make forever be FOREVER!!! You know what you want and you will get it.