Saturday, March 26, 2011

healthy cooking 101

we workout together, we party together, we go to events together, we shop together, we travel together, and now we cook together. well we've cooked together before, but tonight we had only healthy food! tonight my friends and i all gathered at christina's house for some healthy cooking. as usual a fun time was had by all! everyone brought a healthy dish to share, along with the recipe. good times. we had a little bit of everything. some soups, veggies, mashed potato's, wanton's, stuffed peppers, and desserts.
these desserts are made out of sweet potato's and garbanzo beans. (not pictured are brownies made out of black beans.) all so good, seriously!



i made some green chile chicken enchilada's found on
everything was delicious! all the kids played while the adults chatted and enjoyed all of the fabulous food! what a fun saturday night i had!!
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Nikki said...

what a great idea! I love it. Your enchiladas look amazing!

Rachel P said...

Dude, I need some healthy dessert recipes! Could you e-mail me them? Thanks!

sarahlove said...

Yeah!!! Post recipes!!!! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

You all have toooooo much fun together! THanks for sharing how healthy and fun life can be!

And seriously, mashed potatoes?!?! i didn't know there was a healthy way to eat those. But I am deadly curious now!

-Tina Witty