Saturday, March 12, 2011

what's old is new

I have a new friend, that used to be an old acquaintance. Jill and I went to high school together. I didn't really know her, but of course knew of her. We have a mutual BFF, Michelle. Shortly after I moved to Denver, Jill moved to DC. Then last year she decided she wanted to come back West, but didn't want to go back to NM, so she picked Denver as the next best thing.

Jill came out to Denver for the first time in November with Michelle. And Jill moved to Denver the first of the year.
Since then we've hung out quite a bit. She came out for my birthday, and so has met my big group of friends, and she fits right in. We went out the night she finished taking the Colorado State Bar (did I mention that she's a lawyer?!), she was at the Mammoth game last Friday, and last night we went to the Village Cork for Denver Restaurant Week.
Jill and I @ the Village Cork
the Village Cork
We had a fabulous dinner. We got there early and enjoyed a happy hour drink and appetizer. My dinner was a delicious jicama salad, salmon on spinach and pine nuts, ended with a pound/lemon cake with raspberries.
Jill and I
I'm super happy that Jill and I hit it off as friends. It really isn't that much of a surprise as we both have Michelle in common, and we love her. The dynamic that I have with Jill that I don't have with a lot of my other friends is that like me, she is single, and out there in the dating world. So we get to tell stories, and give advice, and can be empathetic as we both know where the other is coming from.
I truly look forward to my time spent with her, and look forward to more dinners and hang-outs!
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sarahlove said...

Okay- so you must get two more single friends and be like Sex In The City!!! That would be so fun! :) If you did that which character would you most be like?