Monday, March 7, 2011

a happy weekend

this past weekend i had lots of fun-filled events! it started early, and went all the way into today! it's so hard to believe that this truly is my life. i think about what living my life was like 12 months ago and the huge turn that my life has taken, and it seems like it was a lifetime ago. when in reality my life 12 months ago was completely different to what it is today. just goes to show that if you want something to change, you can do the work and change it!

friday night started with a mammoth game. this was the second mammoth game that i have been to, and they are so much fun. the announcer is hilarious and loud. in attendance were lots of my friends, with good food and drink! everyone had a blast!
scott, keita, kim, and sara
justine and i
brandi, kevin, and april
saturday morning was spent sleeping in and not getting to the gym until 11:30am. followed by three boys' birthday party's! it was time to celebrate Adison, Kaison, and Zack at Xtreme Challenge Arena. hanging out with all the kiddos seems like it would overwhelming, but all of these kids get along great. the afternoon was lots of fun.
the birthday boys
kyler, olivia, zack, and adison ~ a train of kids on giant balls!
singing happy birthday
saturday evening i had a date with M. i know i said he was out of the picture...but i've found that just when you count them out, they make an appearance. the date was good, we went to go see "hall pass". pretty funny. honestly i'm still trying to figure out if i like this guy. then last night he sends me texts that say "just thinking about an awesome girl!" and "i really like her." we'll see.
sunday was strike! with sophie. sophie is my cousin's cousin, she currently going to school in greeley, and this is the second time she has come down to workout with me. after our workout we went to have brunch, followed by some shopping. sophie introduced me to the RACK, as in nordstrom rack. i found a really cute dress, but took a pass, as it's pretty pointless for me to buy clothes right now. but i'll definitely be going back to the RACK! it was lots of fun to hangout with her. i spent last night cuddled up at home watching "love and other drugs" super cute movie.
i took today off for the sole purpose of getting my updated tags for my car. i chose monday because the MIXX is on monday's. this is a super fun working taught by sarah, and is only available monday mornings, so i can only take it a handful of times a year. think of it as a combination of dance and kickboxing. so today was productive as i got in a great super fun workout, followed by getting an emissions test and a $130 sticker to put on my license plate that says 12.
gotta love nice long weekends spent with friends and being productive and creating memories.
the mixx 60min


the emily said...

I can't believe you hadn't been to rack before. One of my favorite places to shop, if only it was closer to me.

Anonymous said...

So we will check it out.

Love MOM

sarahlove said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why did you have to teach me about the Nordstrom Rack?? One click and I was saying 'ohhhhhh!' within a mere second. I'm in HUGE trouble now.