Saturday, March 5, 2011

work review 2010

i recently had my yearly review at work. i love my boss. she's awesome. always so encouraging and positive. when you talk "business" with her, she's all professional, and focused on you, building and creating the best professional that you can be. she'll help move you forward to become what it is that you want to become. she is also great at taking you out of the office just when you are about to break. she'll offer a "coffee break" just to get out. she's a great boss!

here are some highlights of what she wrote about me and working for her in 2010:
"April had a year of good growth and continued to be an important team member of QBPP that we have come to rely on for so many things. April is effective and efficient in her communications, information sharing, coordination of events, calendaring, etc. In addition, she steps up to every additional need we ask of her and excels at them. She is always willing to help, thrives in an environment where she is busy, productive and appreciated. She managed a complex move into a new building and made it look easy. The move went very smoothly thanks to hr attention to detail and organization and communication skills. She approaches her work with a positive attitude and is a great player.
"April has great potential and can take on additional responsibilities. I encourage her to think about career moves outside of administration and to start education, training and hand on experience now if possible. She is conscientious, capable and caring."

my challenge is figuring out what it is that i want to become. honestly i could pretty easily move along in the position i'm in for the next few years and be very content. will i be challenged?, no. will it be easy?, yes. do i think about spreading my wings and moving forward?, yes. but, with so much change it is scary. qwest is set to become centurylink effective april 1st. ...bad choice of date, if you ask me. at this point in time, i'm just hoping to hold onto my job, and just stay under the radar if you will. then when the timing seems more appropriate i can search for something that might pay a little bit more and be a little bit more of a challenge for me to learn, and become good at. in the past my jobs always seem to find me, just when it is meant to be. i've always been very fortunate in that regard.

jerri gave me my review on my birthday, after she took me out to lunch. it was a great gift for her to give me. and an afternoon i won't soon forget. once this merger is complete, i will truly miss her as my boss.
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again. Well deserved and btb a good plan to stay under the radar until Centurylink arrives.

Love, MOM

sarahlove said...

This might not be what you want to read but it's only as hard as you make it.

Trust me.

You are so much stronger than this little bump in your journey.