Sunday, October 3, 2010

in celebration

at the finish
something to enjoy on the bus ride home
sun chips in a pink bag with a pink carnation!

today i completed my 3rd race for the cure. this event for me is like going full circle. i did this race two years ago for the first time at around 250 pounds, and completed it in 54 minutes. today i completed this race at 175 pounds in 39 minutes. like the race two years ago, i did this race by myself. which in all honesty, i was looking forward to. this may sound ass backwards, but i definitely appreciate my alone time, as it is more and more infrequent. ...but don't get me wrong, i like it. i like being busy. having friends. but when i am alone, i have a sense of comfort. because that is what i'm so used to. i feel as though i have a very healthy balance of both in my life right now. a good amount of time spent with friends, and a good amount of time by myself. the balance is good and healthy, and is creating a very happy life for me. i honestly feel like i couldn't ask for anything better.

today's race for the cure like the past two, was amazing. i arrived earlier than last year, and crossed the start line at 7:19am, and the finish line at 7:58am. there was definitely a lot of weaving in and out of people, and my time probably would have been better had it not been for the population of 50,000. but i do the race again next sunday in albuquerque, and that race only draws about 10,000, so i hope to have an even better time next week! for the first time during this race, i was really focused. not looking around, just focused on running. time flew by. i actually enjoyed myself.
i ran this race in memory of my grandma madrid and my aunt ruby. i felt much pride running with their names on the back of my shirt! so special.

after the race i walked around all the vendors and enjoyed my surroundings. i caught a bus to come back up to my neighborhood a little after 8:30am, which was perfect time to make it to STRIKE! at 9:15am. this was my main goal for this morning. complete the race in time to do my normal sunday workout. two years ago, ...heck even a few months ago i would have thought this was a crazy idea. ...but i did it. i made to the gym in time for workout number two! strike was definitely more difficult for me than usual because of the run, but i did it. i took it easy by only using a 6 pound bar, and i took my 1 pound gloves off after 45 minutes. but it felt good to be so active for the day! even better is my food as been pretty in check for the whole weekend. ...i did have some dessert last night (more on that later this week) but other than that, i've been pretty spot on, and am anxious for this week, and continuing to seeing the scale go down.

if you would like to support me you can make a donation on my behalf up until october 29, 2010. to check out my komen site click here. thank you!
5k 39min
STRIKE! 60min


Anonymous said...

wow! you almost cut your time in half! that sounds fun. glad you enjoyed yourself. -Kari

the emily said...

Wow, that's amazing. You astound me every day, dude.

sarahlove said...

PINK!!!!!! I love the new chip bags that I see everywhere now. Why can't everything be pink? Like, your fence! ;)