Monday, October 4, 2010

job well done

a part of my job is managing the tickets for the all the special events. QBPP is allocated games to sporting events, concerts etc...every month. it is my job to get the request for these tickets fulfilled to help generate revenue and relationships with our partners. last week we got 4 ice side tickets to a pre-season colorado avalanche game. unfortunately (or fortunately) no partners were available for the game, so the tickets were used for employee recognition. my boss was the one to host the game so she chose 3 of her direct reports to give kudos to.
i was one of the three! it was fabulous, and kind of a big deal. ...these seats are $200 seats! they are 1st row right behind the goalie! it was sooo much fun!
i got into hockey when i moved here, and it is such a fun sport to watch, especially live. and having seats as close as you can get was amazing.
it felt great to be recognized by my boss. ...we all want to be told we are doing a good job, so i felt special for being included on this outing.
(so i downloaded the pictures in opposite order and i'm too lazy to fix it, so please look at them from the bottom up.)
avs win! final 2-1
the goalie doing some low low stretches...
colorado avalanche vs dallas stars
my camera isn't zoomed or anything, we were that close!

jerri (my boss), me, anitra, and cathy
jerri even treated us to dinner!
jerri, anitra, me, and cathy

treadmill 12min
zumba 60min


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Hockey really is a fun sport to watch... My self-diagosed ADD does not have the opportunity to kick in with this sport. Very nice of your boss to acknowledge you ladies and the work you do for her!!

the emily said...

Congratulations April, that's great! I looove person. Otherwise it's super boring to me.

sarahlove said...

I actually liked looking at the game pics in reverse! That's so neat that you got to sit that close!!!