Saturday, October 9, 2010

week 28: no change

so no change in the numbers this week. which all in all i'm ok with because last week was such a good week. i'm trying to get re-focused....again.

this week wasn't too hot in the food category but pretty kick butt in the workout category. i have worked out 6 days, and for 2 hours each on sunday and monday. i'm proud of myself for getting my butt to the gym this morning before i fly home to NM for the weekend, even if it was a super short "lazy" workout, i'm still counting it.
if only this weight would just come off with working out!!! but no such luck, food is half the battle. and in my case the long big up hill mountain battle. the battle that i can't seem to concur.
i suppose it is good that i realize that this is my weakness. i probably knew that all along, but it really wasn't until recently that my conscience realized it as well. in knowing this i also know that food will be the thing i battle with for the rest of my life. and i'm ok with that, because i know what i need to do.

i have a few ideas in the works to help keep my accountable. part of my master plan if you will. although not all that "master" if it is something i just recently thought of. :)

anyways, lots of other things going on, as my mind is rather occupied at the moment. i figure this is enough of an update for now.
elliptical 40min

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