Sunday, October 31, 2010

my halloween weekend 2010

despite being an emotional weekend, my halloween weekend was also a blast. i surrounded myself with friends and fun! check it out.

friday night was a surprise shindig for my friend april's birthday. it was great fun!
annabelle, denise, and i
bobby and april and birthday cake!
halloween was celebrated at the gym on saturday and sunday! it was double trouble!
ayden and zack as
R2T2 and Luke Skywalker

sarah taught the Thriller dance!
sarah as combat Barbie, dead from combat
dancing the Thriller dance! so fun!
to gear up for STRIKE! this morning april decided to dress as, who else?, our awesome kick butt instructor sarah! it was awesome! sarah was the witch lady from snow white.
denise, christina, and i dressed up as the spice girls!
baby spice, scary spice, and sporty spice!
hard core halloween STRIKEr's!
christina, april, sarah, denise, and i
then tonight i went and hung out with sarah as we waited for the trick or treater's. sarah had homemade chocolate chip cookies, caramel apple's, and lots of candy!
ayden and zack
with everything said and done this halloween was lots of fun! i had a great time hanging out with my friends, and dressing up for Strike! as scary spice!

hope your halloween was lot of fun and candy filled!!!

Happy Halloween 2010!!!
strike! 60min


the emily said...

wow, you are one hot lady april.

sarahlove said...

ditto what emily said and you look super hot in red!

Nikki said...

Geez, you were busy! I love all the dress-up/work-out action! You guys rocked it :)

Anonymous said...

So cool...All your costumes turned out great. I love Sara's zombie Barbie and April dressed up as Sara is priceless! Thanks for sharing! -Kari