Monday, November 1, 2010

the bump in my arm

take note of my left arm/elbow
this is a story about my left elbow. it looks funny. it was once broken. it is not double jointed. i'm going to try to make this a funny story, but to be honest i don't know how to do that, so it may not be funny. but, that is my intent.

i believe this happened the summer before i started first grade. so i was 6? i was across the street at my childhood friend Olivia's house playing in her front yard. up to the house is a walkway, and on one side of the walkway is this 3 foot wall (i'm guessing about the height), and we were both standing on this wall. at the time i was wearing one of my most favorite dresses. Olivia decided it was time to jump off and go play inside. so she jumped off and prompted me to follow her.

i was scared to jump.

so what did i do? i fell. i fell backwards landing on the grass behind me, and hitting my elbow on the concrete sidewalk to my left. broken elbow. what happened right after that moment i don't remember. i do remember being in the backseat of my parents car and driving to the hospital. i remember one of the nurses saying that they had to cut my dress off of me because they needed to see my whole arm. i was already upset and crying, and then to ruin my most favorite dress?! i was heart-broken. i remember them taking scissors and cutting open my dress while i was balling. i held Boo-boo (my stuffed panda bear) and just cried and cried. and then the nurse wanted to stick a needle in me to put me out for the surgery. i pleaded my case and told them that my mom could run her fingers up and down my back and that would put me to sleep. i said i didn't need the shot to go to sleep. unfortunately i didn't win, and got stuck with a needle.

i got a cast of course. and had to wear it for the rest of the summer and the beginning of the school year. i'm pretty positive that it was because of this broken arm that i do majority of everything right-handed, that is except for write. i write, left-handed. for whatever reason the doctor was unable to put the bone right in the correct place, so with that and cartilage built up i have a bump in my arm. my left elbow to be exact. i can do everything normal. it just looks funny.

and it is more noticeable as i've lost weight. i have more people notice it and ask me about it. to be honest it used to be a sore subject in middle school, when i was on the dance/drill team. in drill team we would do a line of kicks, and i was put next to ginger, and we had to link arms. she complained about my bump all the time. i hated her for it. she made me feel like something was wrong with me. not a good memory.

anyways. so that is the story about when i broke my left arm when i was 6. i realize it isn't a funny story. but still, a story.

what bones have you broken?

the end.
upper body/abs 30min
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Wonderer said...

That wasn't a funny story! They cut your favorite dress, and as a mama to a few girlie girls, I can speak to the tragedy of that event alone, let alone breaking a bone!

I've only broken a toe. I always thought it'd be cool to have a cast on. No cast for broken toes. Found that out after I broke my toe. Had I known I wouldn't get a cast, I would not have broken it. ;-)

sarahlove said...

Well- I was broken bone free until I turned 30, when ON my birthday- I broke my toe. THEN I turned 31..... and two weeks ago I bent down to hug my dog. She got excited and head butted my face, breaking my cheek bone. I am SO scared to turn 32!!!

They CUT your favorite dress?!?! No wonder you love looking at dresses but don't purchase that many!

Anonymous said...

The girl on your drill team was mean and stupid if she could not "overcome" a bump that wasnt even on her body. I am glad you do not let it bother you now. We all have quirky little things about our bodies and we should embrace them instead of be ashamed or embarrassed of them. Only broken bones for me were a fractured elbow that I suffered playing tag in RI at the Vallante beach house and my tailbone that was broken while Aidan was rearing that melon of his into this world! LOL