Tuesday, November 16, 2010

weekend rewind

my life lately has been crazy busy. i know i've mentioned this before, but it has definitely taken some getting used to. in some ways i almost feel like i'm living a dream. living a life i've always wanted to live but never really created that kind of life for myself. but now it seems that is what i have done. to be honest last week was hard for me. only going to the gym 3 days...that is so unlike me. i was chatting with my friend at work about it and she said the most perfect thing: "You got to this point so you could HAVE a life, not so it could BE your life...have to keep that in mind. Keep your eating smart and do what you can when you can, that is what it is all about when you have to work around life!"~thanks April. so so true!

between dating, being social, having out of town visitors(and house guests), friends, blogging, and the gym i am just go go go all.the.time.

friday afternoon i drove to the airport to pick up my friends Tina and Jason who came into town for the bronco chiefs football game. once i picked them up we drove downtown and had a great dinner at Prime. super yummy. very cool restaurant and atmosphere.
tina and i at dinner
tina, jason, and i at dinner
after dinner i went and spent some quality time with D.

saturday morning i was suppose to go to a figure competition but passed on that to sleep in and get a workout in. after my workout i had a house to clean in preparation for my friend Michelle and her friend Jill to come up and visit. Jill is moving here the first of december from Washington, DC...she's a lawyer and hella smart! they arrived saturday afternoon and stayed with me through this morning.
saturday night we went downtown and had dinner at the corner office. D joined us and his laid back style won my friends over! after dinner we went out to a bar and continued chatting the night away.
me, jill, and michelle at dinner
sunday morning i went to the gym, then spent the afternoon with D at the bronco game. sunday evening i tried to play hostess to my house guests since i had pretty much left them all day. along with yesterday. ...yesterday i had to get up at 4:30am to go downtown to pick up tina and jason and drop them off at the airport so that they could head back to florida. i was at work by 6:40am, and thankfully got off early at 3pm. to share another meal with michelle and jill. so yes it has been crazy, and no i wouldn't want it any other way. except i'm going to work hard to get my workouts back to 5 a week.
barbell strength 60min


Nikki said...

whewee, you are on the go,go,go! You look great, and happy! Sounds like a good time, even if it is busy.

Anonymous said...

like.like.like....Oh, and April's words were incredibly wise. Glad to see you are playing just as hard as you have worked! -Kari