Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the big move

a huge part of what i do, is doing what i'm told...although i suppose that is most jobs.
back at the beginning of the year it was announced that the lease for the building i work in is coming to an end, and that we'll be moving buildings to one that the company owns about 4 blocks away. well my VP and boss picked me to manage the move over to the new building. this has been a rather big project on my plate since about april of this year. and last monday we officially moved. now that the move is finally done a whole other set of problems and headaches have come my way.
the prep work for this move wasn't necessarily easy but because we started this project so many months prior to the actual move i was able to time everything out. it actually started out kinda fun. i got to pick out colors and accents because the building we moved into go a whole new makeover in preparation for our occupancy. it was a lot of fun being part of a team that got to decide that type of stuff. next was the creation of "the spreadsheet". a excel spreadsheet with all 57 qbpp employees moving to the new building, that i was(am) responsible for. creating the master spreadsheet was a bite time consuming but once i had everyone listed and something to actually work off of it wasn't that bad. and in the end i actually ended up working on the big master spreadsheet with all 110 employees that moved to the floor of where i now work.
the actual deadline for our move was a mess. and honestly not something i want to talk about, because it is done and over with. let me just say that we really only had 4 business days notice in regards to our actual move date. having it be last minute looked poorly on myself since i was(am) the messenger but it was at no fault of my own.
now that we have physically moved, it is such a headache because i am the point of contact. so everyone comes to me about everything. i don't mind it, and the fact that we moved during a holiday week was definitely in my favor, because i didn't have to deal with everyone all at the same time, because lots of people had last week off. i was truly afraid i would snap at someone who asked me a common sense type of question and that i would come across as unprofessional, but i kept myself in check...most of the time.
i'll be super happy once this big move is over and done and all the details have worked themselves out.
the new building
i will miss my old office with a window view
back to cubicle life
the old office
all in all the new space isn't that bad. our floor is newly remodeled and everything is brand new. what i don't like is i now have to take a different bus which no longer drops me off less that a block away and now that the bitter cold is coming in, walking more than half a block is not fun. but i will definitely enjoy the walk in the summer months. another dislike is the lack of convenience. the old building had a deli and convince store right inside. this new building has nothing. so the downside is if i want a snack or forget to pack a lunch i've got to go outside (again not fun in the cold) the upside to that is since i don't want to go outside, that forces me to plan my lunch and to not spend money.
barbell strength 60min


the emily said...

Wow, that is a huge undertaking. I can't imagine the stress of it all! Thank goodness it's finally over, right? You'll learn to love your new space, I'm sure. I just hope it's sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

I think your fearless leaders at Quest were very wise to utitlize your amazing planning skills...Afterall, it IS what you do in professional life and also in personal life. If you ever move on from Quest, you should definitely pursue a career in planning...weddings, vacations, events, financial, etc... any of these things you would be good at because you are a planner by nature and you envision details before anyone else thinks of them. Congrats on a successful move!

sarahlove said...

I love that you pointed out all the positives to each thing you complained about!!! Nice outlook April!

Endorphins do amazing things!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so amazing and beyond.

Love you so much,

Love and Prayers, MOM