Thursday, November 4, 2010

~all kinds of crazy~

i really want to see
toy story 3.


that is what i'm feeling.


i have the




i really appreciate the
gentlemen on the bus that immediately get up and say
"take my seat"
rather than ask
"do you want to sit?"
when the bus is so
crowded and you have to stand.
a true gentleman
doesn't ask,
he just does.


i suggest crying at the beginning
of your workout.
those emotions make you work


yes, i cried today at the
beginning of


tomorrow night
i'm gonna


is trying


i hope.

STRIKE! 60min


the emily said...

I took the boys to the dollar theater last week to see TS3. They had seen it with Dave opening weekend but I was home with Zoe and was dying to see it. It did not disappoint--in fact, I cried! Buy it!

Wonderer said...

We bought TS3 on Tuesday. I think Aubrey's watched it 5 times already. :-)

Rachel P said...

We took our kids to see it at the dollar theater a couple of weeks ago. We all LOVED it. I seriously wanted to bawl at the end, like FULL ON sobbing, but for some reason I held it in. I probably would have felt better if I hadn't. See it!!!! I think Santa will be bringing it for my kids this year; I'm not gonna lie, he might be bringing it for me, too. :-D

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a knock out weekend and hope hope hope.
But believe, believe, believe.

Hey, wish upon a star!!! And close your eyes.

I've been so so busy but will call
either tonight or tomorrow.

Love, Prayers, HUGS, MOM