Sunday, November 14, 2010

bronco game

this afternoon i went to my second ever denver bronco game! first bronco game was in october 2003. i went with a guy, we'll call him D*. D and i have been dating exactly one week. he's a good guy, a great guy. we met via an online dating site last monday and have seen each other everyday in between except for wednesday. his family has season tickets, and i was more than happy to accompany him to this game! i really enjoy live football, and this game was! between the awesome win ~ broncos 49 and chiefs 29, to the hot chocolate, great venue, and quality company i couldn't have asked for a better sunday afternoon!
invesco field at mile high
this weekend my florida friends tina and jason were in town specifically for the bronco game. we met up with them and did some chatting!
tina and i
pre-game warm up
go bronco's!

this game was such a blast! the bronco's needed this win! and we definitely pulled it off! here's the scoreboard throughout the first half....
broncos 14 chiefs 0
broncos 21 chiefs 0
another bronco touchdown!
broncos 28 chiefs 0
broncos 35 chiefs 0

the one bad thing about this game was the frigid cold weather. once the sun went down it was super cold so we left at half time, and watched the rest of the game at a near by bar. overall it was an amazing sunday! ...more on the weekend soon.
strike! 60min


Nikki said...

FUN! I have a bit of a soft heart for the Chiefs, but all in all I am glad that you had a good time and saw a good win.

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds fun! -Kari