Saturday, November 20, 2010

how am i doing?

so my blog has taken a serious break from any updates regarding weight loss.and that's because i have taken a break from losing weight. although i have been wanting to lose weight, i haven't really been trying to lose weight. i have been eating like crap. and the upcoming thanksgiving week isn't going to help. thankfully i do plan on working out 6 days next week. i really really wanted to lose another 20 pounds before christmas, and at this point in time i unfortunately don't think that is going to a be a very realistic goal. however, i do plan to lose another 10 by christmas. my new goal is to give myself a pretty kick ass christmas gift. and that is the gift of me being able to say "i have lost 100 pounds!" ...i'm so close. i would love to go home and see my family member and say "i've lost 100 pounds." and now looking at the is soon, super soon, and i don't know if i'll be able to do that. it is no secret that losing weight is hard. losing weight during the holidays, i'm going to predict is even harder! talk about crap all over the place. with cold weather outside the last thing i want to eat is a cold salad. i would much prefer a hot cup of creamy soup with bread! i don't really have a plan of attack to get me through the rest of the year except for maintain. and i know how to do that. you maintain by working out, and i do workout. right now i'm nervous about my ability to lose weight, and that is very uncomfortable for me to admit because i've never felt this way before. in the past i've been confident that i'll get rid of these last 20(+) pounds, and for the first time i'm not confident at all. my goal date for this to be accomplished keeps getting pushed out and that is discouraging to me. i suppose i do know that in the back of my head i know it'll get done...even if it is in 2011, i just wish i could be more strict with myself and get it done already. i want to be relaxed with the upcoming holiday season, and not beat myself up. easier said than done. hopefully i'll be able to find a happy medium and truly start fresh when i feel that the time is right. so right now i'm doing ok. i'm living my life and still very conscious of my weight and my want to lose weight.
strictly strength 60min


Anonymous said...

10 lbs is a good goal to have, given the holidays. You can do it! Just keep on keepin on, April. Love Kari

the emily said...

Average weight gain from November to January is TEN POUNDS. If you could maintain, or even lose ten, you would be my hero.

Anonymous said...

Though I know your goal is always lose, lose, LOSE....think about everything you have gained over the past several weeks. Confidence, stronger friendships, the knowledge that you have options, confirmation that you know what you want and won't settle for less, and the wisdom that life and happiness can at times trump what you at one point THOUGHT was the bigger goal. No doubt you will get there, but in the meantime just enjoy the ride!~


Nikki said...

ya, what AB said. If you don't make it by Christmas, 90 lbs is nothing to be ashamed of. It's really stinking incredible!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and yes. It is super wicked. And your day will arrive. You know it, I know it - heck we all know it. And we will be right there with you celebrating big time.

Love you HOPE you have an awesome Thanksgiving.
I am so very thankful for you.
Can hardly wait to see you next month. MOM