Friday, November 19, 2010

The Places I've Been: OR

wow, it's been almost 3 months since i posted about my travel series. time to catch up.

this time: oregon.

and in all honesty i couldn't tell you where in OR i've been, i just know that i've been there. i drove there with some family the first time i visited seattle, WA in the summer 1992(?). i went with my cousin Kari and her mom, my aunt Kathleen. and i think my aunt Patty was there and my cousins, Greg, Nikki, and Kyle. i'm not really all too sure who was there. anyways, i think we drove to oregon for a little family reunion that was going on? i remember meeting a bunch of my mom's aunts and my great aunts and uncles. if i remember correctly we were only there for a afternoon. we drove there and back to seattle in the same day. i think it was maybe a 3 hour drive? ...who knows? maybe i'm making all of this up, and i've never been to oregon. but i'm pretty sure i've been there.

what i do know is that i want to go back there. i remember when aaron and i broke up and i thought about moving anywhere...portland, OR was on my list. because what i do remember about the afternoon that i spent in OR was how green and beautiful it was. and for some reason whenever i think about moving or relocating, portland always seems to be on my list of a place i could actually live. a few years ago my friend michelle was travel nursing and was transferring jobs between seattle and san francisco and drove down the oregon coast line and invited me to join her. unfortunately i couldn't go, but looking back on it now i regret it and wish i would have made it work, because she said it was so gorgeous. hopefully one day i'll have the opportunity again.
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the emily said...

I've been to Oregon twice. Once on a drive from SLC to Seattle. I pumped my own gas and got in trouble.

Second when I went for my brother James's law school graduation. I was very pregnant and was only there one full day, so I didn't see much. But I hear it's very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it did happen and yes you have been there! LOL We went to Uncle Earl's (I beleive). Oregon is beautiful, but I still prefer WA. -Kari

Nikki said...

Oh, ya, that's right we did do that, and it was beautiful!

sarahlove said...

I would live in 'Canada-ish' a heart beat... of course I have other motivation to do so. ;) It's stunning!