Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dancing x2

i love to dance. always have. when i was little i was in tap and ballet. then in middle and high school i was part of the dance team. this weekend i got lots of dance time in! i had such a great time going out and shakin' what my momma gave me!

friday night was first friday at tracks. this is the 3rd first friday i've been to, and every time i have such a great time!
first friday dance crew
me, sarah, bobby, and april
me, april, and sarah on the dance floor
then on saturday it was annabelle's birthday celebration. we had dinner then headed downtown to the tavern downtown for some more dancing!
antonio, april, me, erika, annabelle, justine, and bobby
annabelle and i
saturday night was the first night that i had been downtown to a straight bar since losing significant weight. and in all honesty it was weird. i'm pretty sure i'm always going to be 90 pounds heavier in my head. i don't think that i'll ever see what it is that other people see. i get reactions from guys, looks from guys, and i think "why is he looking at me?" these types of looks i've never gotten before. i wonder if i'll ever get better. see what other people see. time will tell.
zumba 60min


the emily said...

i'd give you looks too. you look hot!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I keep checking you out too! LOL -Kari