Wednesday, November 24, 2010

no snow

so november is usually denver's second snowiest month. snow for me is the indication of the holiday season. and well we have had no snow. yes it has snowed, and we have even had a couple of times where it stuck to the grass for an hour or two. but that's it. tomorrow is thanksgiving, and without a big snow fall it just doesn't feel like thanksgiving. it's weird. i'm not really in the thanksgiving mood, because it just doesn't feel like it is here. i hope to feel differently by tomorrow.
while i was thinking about this, i thought of last thanksgiving. and how much of my life has changed in the last 12 months.
how different just about every single aspect of my life is. it's a bit consuming. it's interesting how if you just be patient things happen. life changes. sometimes for the better, sometimes not. but life does happen. all around you. i just had to be patient for my changes to come to me. for me to work for my change. for to me to appreciate my work, and what my new life is like.
for that i am thankful.
elliptical 30min
treadmill 30min

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