Saturday, October 16, 2010

week 29: something different

so i'm going to switch gears and change things up. no more weekly updates. this is for my own mental self. it has been a couple of months (if i'm being honest, which i am) since i have followed slimgenics, and i feel as thought the weight i have lost in the past few months although minimal i have done without the slimgenics plan. although credit is due to the fact that i do now know what to eat and seek out when eating due to slimgenics. but this plan isn't really something that i follow now, so i don't feel the need to do my weekly updates specifically in regards to this plan that i'm no longer doing. so i'll just update as i feel necessarily. which is what i do anyways.

as i've said i have some other things brewing and i will share those eventually.

i feel that once a change needs to happen it just needs to happen. and i've felt a change on the horizon for quite awhile.
do know this. just because slimgenics is no longer part of the picture doesn't mean my weight loss is also out of the picture. the exact opposite in fact. throughout this whole process i've been taking mental notes in regards to what i like and what i don't like. so that i can create my own plan for my own life. so that is what's going to be different.

i read a lot of weight loss blogs and when something stops working you have to acknowledge it and change it. that is what i'm doing. granted i know that slimgenics works but it no longer works for me and my lifestyle. i figure it is time that i recognize that and do something about it.

this seems to be perfect timing as well, as today was the day that i was suppose to hit my goal weight of 145 with slimgenics. i have it marked on my calendar. 145 goal. this is not a reality. and it may not ever be...more and more i'm thinking i'll be happy at 155...but that is a post for another day. i'm not beating myself up about not being at my goal. throughout the past few months i've created a life in which i would much rather have than be at 145 and still have the life that i had when i first started slimgenics. and this life that is worth it. it is worth not being at 145. and i know that. so i will let it be. such is life. such is my life.
run/walk 40min


the emily said...

I have a hard time setting goals, because I rarely actually achieve them. I don't like that feeling, because I'm usually happy with where I end up without goals, but I also feel like a failure for not getting where I said I would get when I said I would. I feel like that's similar to your situation. You're in an amazing place right now, and just because you're not at the number you said you would be in no way makes you a failure. You are AMAZING.

Nikki said...

You are amazing, it is true!

sarahlove said...

Yup, AMAZING. You really are!!