Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the rest of the trip

in the middle of doing albuquerque's race for the cure on sunday i got some great family and friend time squeezed into my trip home. this trip was filled with some great time. i flew home saturday midday and immediately went to visit my uncle billy in the hospital. he is doing much better and is on his way to hopefully a full recovery. in addition to visiting my uncle i also got to see a great family friend mary. it was great to see both of them, along with some other family members visiting as well. i hadn't seen majority of these family members since february, and it was such a rewarding feeling to have them see my hard work. majority of them told me they hardly recognized me.
the afternoon was off to church, where i saw a friend from HS that i haven't seen in probably 11 years? she was with her newborn 1 month old girl, so cute! it was a pleasant surprise to see her, as whenever i go to church with my parents i always think of her.
after church we went out to eat to celebrate my mom's birthday! we went to red lobster and had a blast! my mother isn't a drinker, and she had 3 glasses of wine. ...she left telling everyone "i don't think i've ever had 3 glasses of wine." it was a comical sight to see!
happy birthday mom!
my mom a little bit drunk and enjoying some crab legs! - she's so cute.
my mom reading her bday gift from me
"only one you"
a cute little book

birthday pic
mom, me, and dad

sunday after the race i went down to the new albuquerque hard rock hotel and casino to watch my cousin's husbands new band the duke city saints play. it was beautiful outside, and lots of fun!
the duke city saints

on monday mom and i went shopping! ...more on that later.
barbell strength 60min


Nikki said...

Holy cow, that looks like you had a blast. I haven't heard his band. Do they play at the HR often?

Happy Birthday Aunt Barbara!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nikki, hope to see you soon. Next month.
Hugs and Kisses, Mom #2

sarahlove said...

This might sound strange but I love watching my mom drink wine... it is very comical! She gets so silly and cute.