Tuesday, August 31, 2010

everything new

friday night i went out with a couple of new friends. i really love going out on friday nights because it just make the weekend seem longer. i met thea and ruth at gordon biersch for some happy hour. this was right after i walked out of slimgenics all emotional and stressed, and a drink was much needed. thea teaches 50/50 at the gym and her friend ruth is also a fitness instructor in boulder and a OBGYN! both of these lovely ladies are single, so going out with them was different. we got to talk about guys and dating, and single life in general.

after our happy hour festivities we walked around a little bit, and i had $100 burning a whole in my pocket. ...awhile back my boss gave me $50 amex card and i had a $50 visa rebate. so i asked the ladies if they would go shopping with me at the gap. something that i have learned is that when i go shopping i have to bring a friend along. i have no idea how to shop for this body that i have. no clue. i don't know when something looks too big, or too small, or what looks good. i've never had to dress myself at this size, so i was thrilled when thea and ruth joined me on my mini shopping spree. we walked through the whole store grabbing anything and everything for me to try on. this was another first. never had i been able to walk into a store and try on everything! so i tried stuff on, well just because i could. thea and ruth were a great help.

i bought a v-neck t-shirt, a dress shirt, and a skirt. the skirt is a size 14!!! a fourteen people! this is HUGE, ok well small in my eyes, but really truly HUGE! :) when i zipped up the skirt i came out of the dressing room and told thea and ruth that i just had another huge milestone, and they were there to celebrate this victory with me!

when i first started this journey i knew i would need new clothes. what i don't think i realized is that i'm going to need new everything. not just pants, tops, but pajama's, underwear, bra's, workout clothes, everything. when i went into slimgenics on saturday they took my measurements to compare them to what i was back in march when i started. i've lost 6 inches off of my chest, and needless to say i'm still wearing the same bra's when i was 85 pounds heavier.
it's kinda overwhelming, but i'm looking forward to my new wardrobe possibilities.
so i tried to find a pic of the skirt on the gap's website, but it isn't on there.
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Blubeari said...

New clothes are so exciting!!!

Nikki said...

Good for you. I am so glad you have buddies to go shopping with and to gab about life. I always like to see the pictures of you in your new clothes! Love you!

the emily said...

Wow, how FUN. I can imagine it would feel a little overwhelming at first, how nice to have friends along to help you. Awesome.

Mark said...

Hey congrats on the milestone!

This new wardrobe will cost a fortune, but will be totally worth it :)

Anonymous said...

Super fun...and yes, it is so worth it!! -Kari

sarahlove said...

I used to be a double d. Yes. It's true. When I look back at one of my old bras I can't believe that it was tight on me!

What a great feeling April! Sounds like you are gonna have some fun bra shopping!!!