Tuesday, August 17, 2010

taking the time

saturday afternoon while tina and i were downtown we went to go see the movie "eat, pray, love" i read this book back in november 2008. from what i remember of it, the book follows the movie pretty close. with that, i really enjoyed the movie. i think it is important to take time for yourself. whether it be a few extra minutes in the shower because you are a crazy busy mom, or you are alone all the time like myself, it's important to take that time and appreciate it. now i know how blessed i am to take these past couple years and focus on myself. but my friends who are wives and moms have different kinds of blessings. in the love from their husband, the touches and hugs from their kids. of course those things may never make an appearance in my life. i suppose what i'm trying to say is that we are all blessed in different ways.

back to the movie. the movie is about a woman unhappy in her marriage and decides to take a risk. she decides to leave all that she knows to travel, to be alone, and to get to know herself. if only all of us had the opportunity to take a trip around the world and travel for a year. when i read the book i immediately wanted to travel to where this woman went: italy, india, and indonesia. i hoped that the movie would show these places in a new light, but the movie didn't really do that. so with that i was a little disappointed. the visual didn't match the words of the book. during her travel she gets to try new food, experience different kids of faith, and find a true love.

lately when i've been home alone and all is quiet i've tried to focus on the fact that i'm not lonely, but that i'm alone. big difference. in the past i've definitely been lonely, which has caused some mild deppression. but i've gotten over that, and made my life what it is now without feeling lonely, even though for the most part i am still alone. i've grown to appreciate the silence while praying that it won't always be there. i'm focusing on making my life everything that i want, within the power that i have. to let go of the things that are not within my power.
treadmill 15min
barbell strength 60min


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Well said! -kari

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