Sunday, August 15, 2010

everything in a few short days

my friend tina came to visit me over the weekend. it was a super short trip, but so much fun. tina flew into denver thursday afternoon, and departed back to floriday yesterday afternoon. tina and i have been dear friends for 11 years, and she knows my struggles with my weight and has seen pictures of my progress thus far. but at the airport when she saw me and we hugged we both started crying. it was unexpected for both of us. i remembered an earlier conversation with tina at the beginning of the summer when i was starting to really see results, and i asked her "can you believe i'm doing it?" she responded by saying "yes and no. no because i know how hard it is." tina and i can talk forever about anything and everything, but lately the main topic is living a healthy lifestyle. we always find new topics and ways to discuss eating healthy and working out.
this trip was super nice because it gave us the opportunity to have the time to talk about other topics going on in our lives. what's even better is i plan to go visit her and her family at the beginning of september, so we'll be able to pick up right where we left off.
from the airport we headed to denver, where a co-worker of mine threw a silpada party. tina is the "jewelry girl" and is a silpada representative.

the next day we got up and went to the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse for breakfast. it was delish! this restaurant is gorgeous. beautiful tile and wood work everywhere. it was a treat.
inside the boulder teahouse
tina and i outside of the boulder teahouse
the weather was perfect for our morning hike! it was a lot of fun.
hiking in boulder

friday night i had a silpada party. i had a pretty good turn out and i had so much fun trying on all of the beautiful jewelry!
the trip was just what i needed. i love having visitors and having tina for a couple of days was so much fun.
50/50 60min


Mark said...

It's nice that you had the chance to just hang out as friends, and break out of the "weight loss" conversation. Plus September is only days away :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest April . . .

Please feel my hugs and lots of them.

Love MOM