Sunday, August 8, 2010

bad a$$ chicks

post STRIKE! ~ all sweaty
sarah, me, pinder, cathy, and julie
~ yes we are bad a$$!

so today i felt like the ultimate cool girl. i brought 3 of my co-workers/friends with me to my STRIKE! workout! julie, cathy, and pinder all drove up to my neck of the woods to check out my workout! ...a few weeks ago i joined julie and cathy for a boot camp workout downtown, since i joined one of their workouts they joined me for one of mine! it is SO much fun working out with friends. it was awesome.
STRIKE! is one of my hardest workouts but it is also one of my funniest. STRIKE! is a kick-boxing cardio interval workout. the "intervals" bring you to zone 4 which is the point to where you completely breathless, where you just want to give up. thankfully the intervals are only a couple of minutes a piece, but it's what makes the workout hard. i remember when i first thought about trying out STRIKE! i had to mentally prepare myself for this class for about 4 months before i even took it. then when i did try it i wouldn't use the 1 pound gloves. that took about 6 months of mental preparedness. then about another 6 months before i would increase my weight for the body bar we use for the intervals. i started out at the 6 pound bar and am now up to the 9 pound bar.
i'm officially getting stronger. it's a slow process but it is happening, and i really enjoyed having my friends there today.
STRIKE! 60min


Nikki said...

cool, I am glad you had a good time with them!
Strike is tough, tough, tough!

the emily said...

How fun! Y'all are awesome!

Anonymous said...

April, April, April . . .
You defy words!!!!

You are looking so awesome.
Can hardly wait to hug you:)

Love MOM