Monday, August 9, 2010

question of the week:

i'm totally bummed that summer is going to an end. the days are already getting shorter and the mornings are darker. colorado summer's are just to short. kids are going back to school and fall just seems to be right around the corner. with that being said:

is august a summer month or fall month to you?

growing up i always considered august a fall month, because it was the month the school season would start. although i now know that it is technically a summer month, and one of the hotter months in colorado. but kids still go back to school, and relating hot weather with the school year seems weird to me. i try to convince myself that august is a hot summer month because i love summer.

so what do you consider the month of august? fall or summer?

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Nikki said...

It's Summer here, until November, so we are just getting our hottest weather. It's unbelievable.So, I consider it summer in August.

Anonymous said...

And I'm back at school :(
So to me it's fall even if it's still 90+ outside.

Love MOM

the emily said...

100% summer. That's why I always hated going back to school in August. Noah starts on MONDAY, can you believe it?

sarahlove said...

Summer. My birthday is this month and I always considered it to be summer. It's watermelon season!!!

The watermelon comment was random, I know.

Jimmy said...

This will totally age me, but because of Neil Diamond, August = Summer. He had an album title "Hot August Nights" and on it he's got long hair and he's sweating and playing his guitar. Don't know why I have that memory.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a summer month. -kari