Monday, August 23, 2010

heavy lifting

so lately i've incorporated some weights back into my workout routine. i did this by adding the class "barbell strength" to my weekly routine. and now all of a sudden it seems as though i'm doing weights all the time. everything with me always seems to circle around back to food, which is one of the reasons why i like lifting weights. the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body burns, the more you can eat! i have a co-worker april who i actually met at the gym before realizing we work in the same group at Qwest, and her husband bobby is a crazy muscle dude that is seriously like 2% body fat. anyways april recently sprained her ankle and has asked me to join her in lifting weights since she can't really do a lot of cardio. well i was suppose to met up with her saturday morning, but that didn't work out, and instead i did weights by myself. it had seriously been so long since i had done any sort of free weights on my own, that i rather enjoyed it. then yesterday after my 50/50 class sarah invited me to do some weights with her and bobby. now i met bobby through april(they are husband and wife), and at first look you think this guy would be super intimidating. but the beauty is that he isn't. both april and bobby are super nice and genuine. the muscle's for yesterday's workout: triceps and shoulders. here i am doing triceps with a 25 pound bar, sarah is at a 35 pound bar, and bobby?


just wait for it...

keep waiting....
110 pound bar!
he can do an entire set with a 110 pound bar! another thing to keep in mind about bobby, he's 5'2''.
insane, right?! abso-freakin'-lutely!

but working out with these two was actually a lot of fun. i didn't care that i was the weakest, i just cared that i was working out in good company. and because bobby is crazy ripped and sarah is a personal trainer they gave me some good pointers, and helped me work on my frame and form, which are two very important things when it comes to lifting weights.
at the end of the workout we did shoulders, and april joined us.

then tonight i did some more weights with april before my zumba class. we worked our back and biceps.
all of these weights, and tomorrow is barbell strength. i hope i survive!
zumba 60min


Mark said...

It must be awesome to have super fit friends that can give you guidance. And really motivating too because, you take one look at them and you can see that it works :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you have this opportunity.

And what a great way to change up your routine.
\Love Mom

Tink said...


Tink said...

I"m only laughing because...well you know :) LOVE YOU!