Thursday, August 19, 2010

all kinds of crazy

do you see something new in this picture
that wasn't there before?
for the longest time i've been wanting to get a
second hole in my ears.
i finally did it while tina and i were downtown saturday!
i'm excited to wear all of my fun earrings.


i can feel my ribs!!!


yesterday morning while brushing my teeth
i was making my bed,
saw two spiders,
and killed them.
all while brushing my teeth!
yes, i can multi-task!


today was the first day at work
all week where i didn't wear my jacket
because i wasn't freezing.

this is the dress!
i'm wearing it tomorrow at the
"mile of men" happy hour mixer!
i knew i bought it for a reason.


i have never used a
red box.


after 30+ years of the same carpet.
my parents finally got new carpet in their house!
i'm so excited.


look, i'm semi-famous
on a super popular blog!


i really want to do this:
GNO ~ granny's night out!


i got the hick-ups twice in the past two days.
last night
this afternoon.

STRIKE! 60min


Nikki said...

You're famous! What's red box? Take a picture in the dress!

Mark said...

Same question as Nikki, what is a red box? I managed to follow the rest of your post, but that threw me completely :)

April said...

Red Box - the red boxes at McDonald's, Walmart, Walgreens etc...where you can lease DVD's.

Anonymous said...

Yes, take a picture of the dress! So cool that you can feel your ribs. Glad you got a 2nd hole in your head, if thats what you've always wanted. I hate spiders and Aidan hates them even more than I do...that all Ive got ;)-Kari

the emily said...

Wait, do you know Brit??

April said...

no emily, i just follow her blogged, and loved that idea!