Thursday, September 30, 2010

all kinds of crazy

more where this came from
in a later post.


things are about to get so random
that the random is


i'm a slave for you
i have a crush x2
things are changing
like something big is about to happen
i'm feeling very random
but guarded about
what i should say

i miss my innocence

i need to scream ....LOUD

lately i've been feeling super
i have these
new feelings
which have created a
new energy
which i have no clue
what to do with


how do i stop the bad habit of
grinding my teeth?


a lot of my friends were at the
circus tonight.
how much fun does that sound?!


i canNOT wait for tomorrow


i'm pretty frustrated at myself
for not working out yesterday.
bleh is what i say to that.


speaking of working out. what is up with
september being a bad workout month?


the most noticeable place i can see my
weight loss
is in my fingers.
i have super skinny fingers.


the end

STRIKE! 60min


Wonderer said...

I used to grind my teeth. In my sleep. A night guard helped.

And, let out a loud scream. It's very liberating. :-)

sarahlove said...

'I'm a slave for you'... is that a song? It seemed like it was so I ended up humming to the rest of your blog in unison with the words you wrote. It came naturally.

I think September is an odd month all together.

April said...

Sarah, yes it is a song by britney spears.