Saturday, September 25, 2010

week 26: no lie

i was sooooooooooo close today, to getting into the 170's. super duper close. i weighted in this morning at exactly 180. and can i just say that it is so nice to just put that number out there, rather than i'm down 2 pounds, or whatever. anyways, 180, is a new all time low for me. 180 is also the number on my drivers license. i'm pretty sure i've never been the weight that my drivers license read before. but not anymore. so, right now for the time being my drivers license is telling the truth for the first time. although i picture that to be only temporary, as soon i will be below 180.
more and more i'm doing this on my own, without slimgenics. i still go in 2 or 3 times a week to check in. and i'm still trying to decide how it is that i want to use them. again this past week one of the ladies pissed me off. she said to me "i didn't think that you would come back." who says something like that? needless to say i won't be sitting with her again. i was going to "re-start" the program, but because last weekend was so crazy, i didn't have the chance to go grocery shopping to prep for my prep. what i did do this week was really watch what i ate. since last thursday 9/16 to today i lost 6 pounds. 2 of those pounds being new pounds! finally, is what i have to say to that! i'm proud of that. i am also proud of the toning. because even though the scale hasn't really moved a lot this month, i do know that i have gotten toner and leaner (more lean?). it's so hard to not let the scale play mind games with you. because the scale doesn't see that. but i can. and i know how far i've come, and that i know that i'm going to keep on going.
elliptical 35min
treadmill 15min


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!...I hope you treat yourself to something special to celebrate being at 180. Not with food, but perhaps a pedicure or massage....something indulgent, because you deserve to reward yourself. I am proud of you too! -Kari

Nikki said...

You go girl!

Wonderer said...


I think my last comment about your weight loss was similar to '!!!' but seriously, !!! You rock! I'm so happy and excited for you!

sarahlove said...

Who says, 'I didn't think that you would come back.' ???? Dear Abby would have responded with, 'Why not?' It's comments like that, that should keep your fire lit for YOURSELF. That's the only person that you have to prove anything to. Your body wants to survive- you just have to let your mind agree with it. What am I rambling on about? You already know this! :)